How to keep your heart healthy

Every year in the UK, 42,000 people prematurely die from heart disease (1). Maintaining a healthy heart is vitally important not only to prevent Cardiovascular disease and other similar conditions, but also for your insurance. 


Here are 3 really easy and simple ways to ensure and healthy and happy heart:


        1. Avoid or give up smoking


Smoking is one of the main causes of heart disease. It’s no secret that smoking can seriously harm your body but staying away from the cigarettes is the best thing you can do for your body and especially your heart. The risk of a heart attack can fall to about half of that of a smoker after a year of quitting (2).


Tips on how to give up smoking


2. Keep active


We all lead busy lives and whether it be work, or the kids, something always gets in the way of exercising. However, by doing just 30 minutes of exercise a day not only makes for a happy heart, but also a creates a happy state of mind. Try taking a friend or the dog for a brisker walk than usual, go swimming with the family or cycle to work.


3. Stay in control of your weight


Having control over your weight and diet are significant factors to maintaining a healthy and happy heart. Being overweight can significantly increase the risk of heart disease or a heart attack. This can be controlled and maintained by keeping active but also by watching what you eat.


- Cut down on salty foods and saturated fats

- Eat more fibre

- Always read the label to make sure there is “no added sugar”


Life insurance can be tricky to arrange if you suffer from heart conditions so try to follow these easy steps to maintaining a healthy heart. 


However, if you are concerned about any health conditions in regards to your life or critical illness cover, our advisors at AssureLife are happy to offer advice on the best solution for you.


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